“... phenomenal flute playing, accomplished performer and composer” — London Guardian

Deepak Ram

Flute for Thought

Genre: World Fusion.


1. Space-Time 5:47
2. Kitu 6:46
3. Father of Flute 2:24
4. Glimpsed Middle Reality 1:13
5. Cabbage and Roti 4:51
6. Upasana – Between Notes 2:31
7. A Night in Lenasia 4:18
8. Vrindavan Lullaby 2:14
9. Prince Down Gerty Street 1:43
10. Between Thoughts 10:10


  • Deepak Ram (flutes, keyboards)
  • Thomas Dyani (percussion/special effects, congas, timbales & cowbells)
  • Russell Herman (bass, keyboards)
  • Tunde Jegede (kora, cello)
  • Mukesh Desai (vocals)
  • Julian Crampton (electric fretless bass )
  • Nana Tsiboe (talking drum & shaker )
  • Ansuman Biswas (udo & guiro)

All tracks published by Seher Music Publishing (ASCAP), except track 2 published by Derry Music (BMI), track 4 published by Triciom Publishing

Produced by Russell Herman
Project coordination by Mandy Prowse
Executive Producer: Robert Trunz

Flute for Thought


1. Space-Time (1997)

  • Deepak Ram: flutes, keyboards
  • Thomas Dyani: percussion/special effects, congas, timbales & cowbells
  • Russell Herman: bass, keyboards

2. Kitu (For My Wife, 1993)

  • Deepak Ram: flutes, keyboards
  • Tunde Jegede: kora, cello
  • Mukesh Desai: vocals
  • Julian Crampton: electric fretless bass
  • Thomas Dyani: congas, bongos, and percussion/special effects

3. Father of Flute (Dedicated to my teacher, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia)

  • Deepak Ram: flutes

4. Glimpsed Middle Reality

  • Tunde Jegede: kora

5. Cabbage and Roti (For My Mother, 1987)

It was a cold and rainy day in 1967. We had to stay in class during the first lunch break at First Primary School in Lenasia. It was too cold to play outside. I opened my lunch box and found cabbage and roti, so lovingly prepared by my mother. Hungrily, I relished the cabbage and roti while watching the rain through the classroom window. I still remember the taste. Thanks, Mom.

  • Deepak Ram: flute, keyboards
  • Tunde Jegede: kora
  • Thomas Dyani: congas, batas, djembe, shaker, cowbells, percussion/special effects
  • Russell Herman: bass, drum programming

6. Upasana – Between Notes

— Upasana, a discipline of observing silence in word and thought while trying to gaze within, where bliss awaits. Like the silence between musical notes, where music awaits.

7. A Night in Lenasia

— a movie at Apsara, a chip roll special, watching some ‘bra’ tilt the pinball machine...

8. Vrindavan Lullaby (1994)

9. Prince Down Gerty Street (For My Father, 1996)

— Trotting down the streets of Sophiatown, Prince was a horse that pulled a cart, from where vegetables were sold. This was one of the many tasks my father undertook, to provide opportunities for me that seemed so far removed, against the odds and constraints of apartheid. Thanks, Dad.

10. Between Thoughts (1987)

— The Flute, a seer sits in deep meditation chanting the various shades of that primordial sound, Aum, trying to reach that silent space between thoughts. That all-pervading ‘silence’ of which he is a part. An angel, in the form of a piano, beckons him while the strings in the form of three chords (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) cradles him. He dances in the bliss. Suddenly! Body-mind consciousness re-emerges and he finds himself in the chaos once again, struggling to re-enter that blissful place between thoughts. The angel (piano) re-appears; he dances again in that bliss.