The Sultan’s Court : Neva Duo

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Salih Bilgin - ney
Murat Aydemir - tanbur

Friday, January 13, 2006, 12 pm, Sackler level 1
Saturday, January 14, 2006, 12 pm & 2 pm, Sackler level 1

The Sackler Gallery is located at 1050 Independence Avenue, SW.

Fresh from his West Coast tour, Murat Aydemir, a young Turkish tanbur (lute) virtuoso, joins veteran ney (flute) master Salih Bilgin for three informal performances of Ottoman Turkish music from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Hear the sounds of musical instruments that are often depicted in Ottoman paintings and were central to musical life in the Ottoman court. The artists are available to sign copies of their new release on Golden Horn Records after each performance.


1. Bayâtî Pesrev - Seyfettin Osmanoglu
2. Ussâk Saz semaisi - Azîz dede
3. Uzzâl Pesrev - Sultan Sâh Murad
4. Hicâz Saz semaisi - Veli dede
5. Hicâz Sirto - Sultan Azîz
6. Mâhûr Pesrev - Gazi Giray Hân
7. Pesendîde Saz semaisi - Sultan III.Selim
8. Sections from Ferahfezâ Ayini (Mevlevi ritual) - Dede Efendi

Hear the music of Neva: Nevâ